Parma Calcio 1913's official website,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 December 2020, at 03:17. Parma became the latest Serie A team to come under U.S. ownership when they were taken over by the Krause Group on Friday, the club said in a statement following a deal signed in Milan. nuovo stadio juventus parma ingresso curva nord secondo anello The stadium is the sixth oldest Italian football ground still in use. The lowest tier 18 seats and the upper tier 14 seats. Nuovo Inizio will retain 9% of the club after the Krause deal. Rugby Parma F.C. [13], Rather than renovate the Tardini, the club's leadership has instead opted to make improvements to its wholly owned training centre in Collecchio, completed in late 2012. It was architect Ettore Leoni who submitted the final draft for the new stadium, drawing influence from French and German stadia – Lyon's Stade de Gerland in particular – while celebrating the history of Parma. Municipal support for any work seems especially unlikely after Federico Pizzarotti, elected sindaco of Parma in May 2012, ruled the use of public money out in November 2012. Sei in Parma calcio Krause in municipio: "Una squadra come il Parma ha bisogno di uno stadio di livello mondiale" 15 dicembre 2020, 12:27 Information related to league matches held at the Stadio Ennio Tardini by S.S.D. In the late 2000s, the increasing popularity of rugby union in Italy meant that current ground Stadio Flaminio was becoming less viable as a home ground for Italy and the Stadio Luigi Ferraris in Genoa and the Tardini were suggested as alternative grounds as they are in Northern Italy where rugby is more popular. On 26 December 1922, ground was broken on the construction of the stadium and the first stone was laid. La società ha formalizzato il ritiro della proposta già depositata. Other problems included the urban location of the stadium and the consequent necessary construction of the stadium within a defined perimeter. In 1997, the stadium was authorised to hold around 28,000 spectators, although there were in fact around 29,200 physical seats. There are also rumours of a much more expensive €200 million reconstruction on the current stadium's site encompassing a shopping centre, car park, gym and multiplex cinema, rather than a move to the north of the city in Moletolo or Baganzola as sometimes mooted. In late August 1997, following the installation of yellow seats, the official capacity of the Stadio Tardini was increased to around 29,000 seats. Old pics of the entrance arch to the Ennio Tardini Stadium. [7] Rather, he preferred to talk of his dream of renovating the stadium, while managing director Pietro Leonardi has spoken of potential to buy the stadium from the relevant municipal authorities. [3][4] The stadium originally featured a cycle track that was converted into a clay athletics track in 1935, which was in turn built over at the end of the 1980s. The Belarus match was played earlier in the campaign, but triumph in Parma did send the Italians top of their group. Partly as a result of the partial re-opening of sections the stadium, the club has spent €3.5m on improvements to the ground since Tommaso Ghirardi's arrival as club president in 2007. Been here 10+ times. It holds around 8,000 seats, including 348 corporate seats and 148 in the press gallery. [18] Such an improvement would require an investment of at least €1,500,000. [9] It would have hosted matches in the group stage and a round of 16 match and the cost of the renovation would have been €40 million had Italy been selected to host the tournament and Parma been chosen as one of the nine host cities, whittled down from the twelve nominated. Ennio Tardini Stadium in its current state. Si comunica che nei giorni scorsi è stato depositato formalmente un progetto di ristrutturazione dello stadio comunale Ennio Tardini da parte della - ParmaPress24. [1] In January 1922, the authorities in Parma granted Parma F.B.C. L'ora o la data visualizzate si riferiscono al momento in cui l'articolo è stato aggiunto o aggiornato in Libero 24x7 il … The game pitched Seamen Milano against Frogs Legnano against each other and Frogs Legnano won 39–33. [7] This includes the summer of 2010 spend of €830,000 on the renovation. The stadium is the nineteenth largest football stadium in Italy and the second largest in Emilia–Romagna with a capacity of 22,352 spectators. The tragic death of Parma fan Matteo Bagnaresi led supporters to change the name of the Curva Nord to the Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi in his honour. [14] The state of stadium ownership in Italy, where only Juventus owns its own stadium, is widely regarded as unsatisfactory. 1 di 1. This caused difficulties in the provision of a good view from all seats and of adequate safety features. A direct drive to the stadium involves an exit on the A1 at the Parma junction. Im Sommer 2004 musste die Muttergesellschaft der AC Parma, der Parmalat-Konzern, Konkurs anmelden. Stadio Renato Dall’Ara is located in the west of Bologna at about 3 kilometres from Bologna’s historic city centre and slightly more from the city’s central railway station. [51], The stadium is in a central location in the city of Parma and is a 30-minute walk along Viale Mentana, then Viale S. Michele before a left at the roundabout onto Viale Partigiani d'Italia. Completed in 1990, the Tribuna Petitot is the largest stand and it has three levels internally. And it feels like you’ve chosen it. One of these venues is the Stadio Ennio Tardini, although it cannot currently be used for competitive games due to the inadequacy of the seating. Il progetto del nuovo Tardini. Description: Nuovo Stadio Cagliari. the Curva Sud and the Curva Nord). If coming by car from the A1 (north or south), follow for Bologna and the A14 Ancona. Gli articoli sono stati selezionati e posizionati in questa pagina in modo automatico. Molto più di un restyling e di un ringiovanimento,. The most recent competitive international played at the Tardini was a dead rubber. Margo July 6, 2013. This is a case of a stadium that should probably just be demolished while a new one is built elsewhere. The cost of these measures means the likely host of any European fixtures played by the club would be Modena F.C. Lo stadio parmense è stato costruito per volere di Ennio Tardini, avvocato e presidente del Parma all'inizio degli anni 1920, il quale tuttavia non poté mai vederne l'inaugurazione; a lui venne quindi intitolato l'impianto al termine dei lavori di costruzione, iniziati nel 1922 e conclusi nel 1924. In 2002, an agreement between the Comune di Parma and Parma A.C. meant the club had a lease of the stadium for thirty years. [24][25] In dedication to the 24 deaths caused by the earthquake, Italy played a friendly against France at the Tardini on 14 November 2012. The expansion has allowed meant a number of Italy matches have been played at the Tardini. [23] The stadium is one of just over 50 used by the Italians for home games in their history and is one of the fifteen most-used. Il Nuovo Stadio di Parma passa da Arcadis. ", "Il sindaco Federico Pizzarotti a "C'è il centenario del Parma? UEFA praised Parma's ground transport links as "above the benchmark", despite this being perceived as a weakness of the stadium by the club owners, but airport links were criticised as the only airport-stadium link was to be by bus, although the assessment of Parma Airport itself was "slightly above the benchmark".[10]. Nuovo Inizio, Parma’s former owner, had started the process, founding Progetto Stadio Parma, an entity designed to oversee the Tardini project and its subsequent management. Soldati's plans looked to architectural simplicity with classical Greek features, while Bartolomasi opted for a more convenient and modern approach. This would likely require a temporary move away from Parma (probably to the Stadio Mario Rigamonti in Brescia), but any substantial work on the Tardini would require significant external investment. In early 2012, then-club president Tommaso Ghirardi noted that the club's two postponed home matches in that period would have gone ahead if all the stands were under cover and that the covering of the curve should become reality. XXXIV italian superbowl di nuovo Panthers Parma Seamen Milano. With a new stadium I am sure 20.000 will be there on most match days. nuovo parma: ecco tutti i punti salienti del cocoon piano illustrato ieri sera da orlandini al centro civico di medesano 1 Aprile 2015 1 Aprile 2015 Gabriele Majo associazione petitot , CCPC , mendi , nuovo parma , orlandini , parma club medesano , sandro squeri , serie d La società, come noto, è poi passata di mano all'imprenditore Kyle Krause. Parma Mayor and City' Sports Councillor met Mr. Krause saying that the city and fans give him and his family "a warm welcome". in 2004 – sought to continue to work to its goals and the summer of 2006 saw the upper part of the Tribuna Est removed in preparation for a new grandstand. Mattinata di incontri in Municipio, dove il presidente del Parma Calcio Kyle Krause ha incontrato il sindaco Pizzarotti e il suo vice Bosi, che ha anche delega allo Sport.Sul banco il tema Tardini e i discorsi sullo stadio, con il presidente americano che ha ribadito, una volta di più, la sua volontà di investire sul Tardini attraverso però un nuovo progetto. [8], The stadium was part of Italy's unsuccessful bid for the right to host Euro 2016 and plans to increase the capacity to 31,397 (30,225 for the tournament) and roof the corners and ends of the stadium were submitted as part of the bid. [22], The Tardini has hosted six full Azzurri international matches, five of which Italy have won. Parma Calcio 1913 in the last 50 years in the top two tiers of the Italian football league system is listed below. di. The stadium also houses the Emporium, where fans can buy official club merchandise. Glad to hear it. Stadio Ennio Tardini, commonly referred to as just Il Tardini, is a football stadium in Parma, Italy, located near the centre of Parma, between the town centre and the city walls. [10][21] In September 2020, Moldova's UEFA Nations League game against Kosovo was held at the stadium as Moldova does not recognise Kosovo. The new President of Parma FC, Kyle Krause, and his wife at the Ennio Tardini Stadium. The stadium was built in 1923 and was named after one of … 's Stadio Alberto Braglia. [11] The Tribuna Est, whose capacity was reduced in 2006 in antipication of its expansion, includes the disabled fan area. E' ormai operativo infatti l'affidamento della concessione per la realizzazione e gestione dello stesso. The club had previously had no fixed home. #GiochiamoInCasa # StaySafe Stadio Tardini di Parma 24.10.2004 # SerieA Parma Lazio 3-1 ⚽ 16’ # Marchionni ⚽ 27' # Bresciano ⚽ 37' Rocchi ⚽ 64' # Gilardino Siete pronti per un nuovo appuntamento con la nostra #ParmaTimeMachine? In yellow, a site occupied by a building complex that -according to a rumor- should be demolished. Consequently, on 29 May 1991 the club voted by a slim majority to renovate the current stadium. Rai Sport- 10 ore fa. The club was cleared of any wrongdoing in 2012. Spero che la squadra e la società facciano il loro dovere, "Four things Serie A needs to do to become the most popular league in the world", "AC Milan chief adds to Italy's stadium debate", "LICENZA UEFA / QUANTO SCOTTANO QUEI SEGGIOLINI ! The first two matches played at the Tardini were pre-World Cup friendlies contested by managers that had previously managed the club – Arrigo Sacchi and Cesare Maldini. Questa mattina in Comune si è parlato di stadio Tardini e del relativo progetto di ristrutturazione. [28] The second of these was the second leg of a two-legged affair, which ended 2–2, a result enough to see the Italians out on away goals after the first leg ended goalless. The victory over Hungary was Italy's last match of the campaign and secured them qualification to the 2002 World Cup. The idea was praised by the city's authorities, but political change in the city's halls led to delays in the approval of the plans. The Tribuna Est was re-roofed, access was improved with the installation of readers for Parma card holders, a giant screen was installed, improvements were made to drainage, media boxes in the Tribuna Centrale Petitot were built and investment in a new hospitality facilities were made. [20], The Italian national football team does not have a national stadium and many different venues are used by its teams at all levels. The Tribuna Petitot – the main grandstand – was completely restructured by the municipal authorities between 1985 and 1990 with reinforced concrete, but the club was beginning to outgrow its stadium and external expansion had become impractical as residential buildings occupied the surrounding area. For the 2012 Six Nations Championship, the Stadio Olimpico, also in Rome, was used. [15][16][17], The stadium falls short of UEFA competition standards and therefore would not be allowed to host UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League matches. [6] Shortly after, the stadium's remaining capacity was partially restored so that it could hold just over 20,000. Negli anni del fascismo è però attestata un'altra denominazione: Polisportivo Walter Branchi. A new 28.000 seater stadium with two tiers would be just perfect. For example, the seats' backrests, which must be at least 30 cm high are below the requirement by 15 cm in some areas of the ground. Let's see what they propose. Un argomento che negli ultimi giorni ha creato qualche polemica (leggi qui), ma che resta al centro del dibattito politico, soprattutto dopo che, nelle scorse settimane, la nuova proprietà americana del Parma Calcio 1913 ha ritirato il progetto di […] Nuovo incontro, il primo del 2020, tra Inter, Milan e Comune sul futuro di San Siro. The Nuovo Inizio launched a crowdfunding plan in 2015, dubbed Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche (PPC), that attracted more than 800 fans who each contributed at least €500 toward the ownership group. There is little space around it to maneuver and I don't think even the residents would enjoy the construction work around it. Neither candidate had their work realised. [12] In November 2012, Leonardi said he wanted "to put an end to the situation where our people, in 2012, have to follow the match in the rain" by adding a roof to uncovered parts of the stadium (i.e. The agreement is in place to allow the club to continue to renovate the stadium with the goal of optimising in-stadium services for fans and maximising matchday attendance and revenue, but many of the goals envisioned were unattainable due to the financial crisis of Parmalat who were part of the same corporate group as Parma A.C.. It is the home of Parma Calcio 1913. was incorporated in 2015 under the ownership of Nuovo Inizio SrL with share capital of €250,000. This led to the moving of the Italy-Estonia match to the Stadio Alberto Braglia in Modena, which took place on 3 June 2011. A consortium filed plans for a new stadium to be built near Baganzola, a few miles outside Parma, on 14 June 1990. A forum community dedicated to skyscrapers, towers, highrises, construction, and city planning enthusiasts. The other three matches have been played during the three most recent World Cup qualifying campaigns. The Tardini also hosted the deciding game of Italy's American football competition on 8 July 1989 in the Italian Football League's Superbowl Italiano IX. A group of Parmesan entrepreneurs—dubbed Nuovo Inizio, or “New Beginning”—took control of the team and kicked off an unprecedented three-year run in Italian soccer of back-to-back-to-back promotions to return to Serie A in 2018. Il Parma calcio 1913 conferma la volontà di progettare e realizzare uno nuovo stadio Tardini, l'impianto dove gioca la squadra emiliana. Stadio Ennio Tardini, commonly referred to as just Il Tardini, is a football stadium in Parma, Italy, located near the centre of Parma, between the town centre and the city walls. JavaScript is disabled. Il sindaco di Parma: “Siamo molto soddisfatti dell’impegno che la proprietà ha voluto prendersi con la città, mostrando la volontà di investire sul territorio” La notizia del nuovo progetto stadio voluto dal Kyle Krause ha acceso gli animi a Parma. [19] As well install new seating, the dressing rooms, medical facilities and west stand would require renovation. UEFA stated that Parma's transport sector was more than capable of supporting UEFA Euro 2016 matches. On 29 May 2012, the Tardini was set to host its third senior international friendly, pitting the Italians against Luxembourg, but the fixture was abandoned following a fatal 5.8-magnitude earthquake 36 miles east of Parma. The area formerly used for away fans alongside the Settore Ospiti, the Curva Sud Ospiti, was closed after a fatal fall by a Vicenza fan during a match in 2009, so the home section of the Curva Sud currently houses away fans only from the summer of 2011.